Detaron TV Awards 2020

Detaron TV Awards

We would like to take a moment and

highlight all the content/filmmakers/actors

who are featured on our channel.

All Winners in each category will receive a email

digital certificate with their name on it, the

winning category, and signed by the C.E.O of Detaron TV,

plus IMDb credit for their awards and nominations.


Awards of the Year such as the "Filmmaker Award" and "Festival Showcase" winners will receive Special Awards in the mail.

(Audience will vote for "Winners" in all categories however the "Filmmaker of the Year Award" will be determine from the most viewership on Detaron TV. )

Voting will start in November 2020


Detaron TV Awards will be aired on Detaron TV in Jan 2021


Best Detaron original- 4 nominees

“Heavenly Conquerors”

“Crazy A$$ B!tches”

“A Larceny Christmas”


Best independent film- 4 nominees
“Escape - Stop That Wedding”
“Sniper Corpse”

“Gone For The Weekend”


Best tv series- 4 nominees
“Up on High Ground”

“Kartoon Circus”
“Red Velvet Resolution”, 

“First World Relationship”

Best director: 4 nominees
“Bird Cage”- Director: Mustafa Ozgun 

“The Rivers”-Director: Mai Hua

“Strike Night”- Director:Yoann Jean-Charles

“Red Velvet Resolution” Director: Viviana Di Capua

Best writer: 4 nominees
“Chances”- writer: Han Rhyu

“Frightmare Theater”writer: Joel Stephens
“Sniper Corpse”- writer: Keith R Robinson

“Gone for the weekend” writer:Troy Burbank

Best producer: 4 nominees
"Frightmare Theater"- Producer: Joel Stephens

"Don’t Change The Channel"- Producer: Michelle Paisley Reed

"Harbangon"- Producer: James Williams III

"Heavenly Conquerors"-

Producer: Deuandra T. Brown and Ellen Brown

Best Documentary:
“Don’t change the channel"

“The Rivers”

“On The Road To Christ”

Best actress in independent film- 4 nominees
First World Relationship- actress:Demitra Sealy

Up on High Ground- actress: Rylee Cravens

Sniper Corpse- actress: Eleri Jones

Bird Cage- actress:Eleonore Boccara

Best actor in independent film- 4 nominees
Gone for the weekend- actor:Troy Burbank

Gabriella- actor:Anthony Duva

Kartoon Circus actor: Dal Sanders

Chances actor:Hunter Fite

Best actress in Detaron original- 4 nominees
Mireya S Brown (Heavenly Conquerors) 

Ellen R. Brown (Jatana) 

Cherie Johnson (Plum)

Tangie Ambrose (Diamond Cobra vs The White Fox)

Best actor in Detaron original- 4 nominees
Miles Wade (Heavenly Conquerors)

Sheldon Bailey (Heavenly Conquerors)

Byron Browne (Appurtenance)

Thomas Beatie (A Larceny Christmas)

Best filmmaker award (Most viewership- winner coming soon)

Detaron TV quarterly festival showcase winner

(special award plus $100)

4 nominees from winners of each quarterly:



3) Ken Holmes

4) (coming soon)