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Cotton Short Sleeve T-Shirt
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"Plum" 2013

1 Disc Blu-ray

Bonus Features


plus $4.00 S&H

(only U.S.A, no refunds/returns)

Please allow 2-4 weeks to ship.

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Producer/Writer/Director/Actress Deuandra T. Brown is in the AZ Weekly Magazine Sept. 25, 2013 issue for the movie "Plum"

Deuandra T. Brown on the radio for the movie PLUM

Breakthrough Entertainment

Radio Station: KPHX 1480 AM



Cherie Johnson Talks About Plum  on BHL Portraits 8-30-13

World Premiere for "PLUM" Sept. 28, 2013 @ Super Saver Cinemas 8

Plum Premiere part 1 (Interviews)

Plum Premiere part 2 (Interviews)

Plum Premiere part 3 (Interviews)

Plum Premiere part 4 (Interviews)

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My Name/Character is?
Why You Should Come See Plum? 
Working With Deuandra as the Director? 
On the Set of Plum?
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