Quarterly Festival Showcase

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Detaron TV is available on Roku Streaming devices free worldwide! Roku has millions of active accounts every month and growing! Creator/CEO of Detaron Productions Deuandra Brown brings you Detaron TV originals, award winning Independent Feature Films, Short Films, Music Videos, Specials and Television shows. Our quarterly festival showcase will show upcoming independent filmmakers and recording artists original content from all over the world. All ages, all genres. Audiences choose the winners by watching/voting for the selections (which are all 100% free to stream.) Be apart of our quarterly festival showcase

Awards & Prizes

Each Selection will receive Laurels and a digital  Certificate Of Achievement for each quarter.

Winners from each quarter will receive a Detaron TV T-shirt, and a Winning digital certificate.

Detaron TV will aired short films and music videos in our quarterly film/music festival showcase. The 1st quarter, 2nd quarter, 3rd quarter and 4th quarter winners will go against each other for the Grand Prize, the audience will vote for the Grand Prize winner.

The Grand Prize Winner will be announced the end of this year 2020.
"Detaron TV of the Year Award and $100.00."


We are interested in all genres. Submissions MUST BE ORIGINAL and Completed. Your Content must be available in 1080p HD. Music videos run time 3-6 mins and short films run time 3-15 mins. You must have the rights to any content sent in, including releases from actors, music etc. You may supply those releases. You are the copyright owner but you give Detaron TV the permission to show your music video/film along with images of your project until the showcase has ended.
You will receive a release form to sign, giving permission for Detaron TV to aired your content for the showcase. You may submit up to two films and two music video per quarter. No refunds.

Submit your entries through online screener

  • Standard: $30

  • Student: $20

  • Gold Members: $25


Submit directly $25.00 to Detaron TV. (email with instructions will be sent out after payment)

Wins & Nominations from each quarter:

1st Quarter 2019 (Nov 21st- Dec. 6, 2019)

1)Artist: Aoede "Keep Shining" Music Video, Director: Lisa Sniderman, Animator: Sisara Sanal Winner Certificate/T-shirt

2) Artist: Katie Garibaldi "Unhappy Holiday" Music Video, Director: Anna Haas Certificate Of Achievement

3) Artist: David Goldman "Going To America" Music Video World Wave Music Certificate Of Achievement

4)Artist: Toni Jannotta "Is It Magic" Live Performance Director: Toni Jannotta Certificate Of Achievement

5) Artist: Stygmata "Eternal Love" Music Video, Directors: Kathie Jarra and Navid Sanati Certificate Of Achievement

6) Artist: Mari Nobre "Corazon Inmigrante" Music Video, Director: Jamie Brown Certificate Of Achievement

7) Artist: Kim Cameron "Simply Naked" Music Video, Director: Kim Cameron Certificate Of Achievement

8) Artist: Grayhawk "Voice Of The Ancestors- Music Video Directors: Grayhawk and Andreea Petcu Certificate Of Achievement

2nd Quarter 2020 (May 17th-May 29, 2020)

9) Artist: Skeeba "Lose Control" Music Video, Director: Certified Nation Records Winner Certificate/T-shirt

10) "Azadeh" Short Film: Director/ Writer: Mirabbas Khosravinezhad Certificate Of Achievement

3rd Quarter 2020 (Aug 24th- Sept 4, 2020)

12) "Old Hearts Cafe" Short Film: Directors: Cameron Gallagher and Ken Holmes Winner Certificate/T-shirt

13) "To A God Unknown"Short Film: Director: Samantha Casella Certificate Of Achievement

14) "Going Up" Short Film: Director: Forman Howes Certificate Of Achievement

15) Artist: Stygmata "Black Snow" Music Video, Director: Kathie Jarra and Navid Sanati Certificate Of Achievement

4th Quarter 2020 (November 9 – 20, 2020)

FREE T-shirt for WINNERS

$20.00 T-shirts plus S&H $6.50

Size: XL

Congratulations to our 2nd Quarter 
Winner May. 2020
Skeeba "Lose Control"
Congratulations to our 1st Quarter 
Winner Dec. 2019
Aoede "Keep Shining